ACL Care Pro™ is a comprehensive 14+ week training program designed to maximize recovery and standardize care for patients once they enter "rehab purgatory.” Rehab purgatory is the time period after a patient is discharged from formal physical therapy but is still months away from clearance to return to sport or other high level physical activity. ACL Care Pro™ exposes patients to strength and movement milestones necessary for returning to athletic activities with a minimized risk of re-injury. The program is adaptable for patients of all levels and recovery rates and can be completed with minimal equipment. Data captured throughout the program can be used to inform coaches, physical therapists, and physicians of progress to aid in clearance decision-making.
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How it Works

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Signing up for the platform will prompt you to create a profile and choose a start date for the program.

Complete Phase Workouts

Over the course of 14 weeks, you will complete 4 Phases of workouts, starting with Phase I.

Test Out & Share Results

Before moving on to the next phase, and at the end of the program you will be required to Test Out. You can share your results with your doctor.

Stay Engaged with Exercise Bank

When you've finished Phases I-IV and have returned to play, continue to take preventative measures using the exercises in our exercise bank.

What People Say About Us

Recovering from an acl injury was the toughest and most challenging time of my life. I never would have thought that I was going to be able to fully recover. Doing my rehab with Akil was the best thing that could have ever happened for me. He physically pushed me every day from day 1.  I gained the confidence that I could get back to where I was before the injury. Akil is a physical therapist where you do not have to worry about the recovery process. Just follow his instructions. I knew every day I was in good hands. I am very grateful for the process of my rehab because it mentally prepared me for any injury, bumps, and bruises that might come my way. I was blessed with a physical therapist like Akil that was with me every step of the way.

Stefano Osuji,

Professional Basketball Player

My name is Abigail Romani. If I could write my story as a kid, right now I would be playing division 1 lacrosse/basketball in college. But after two ACL injuries within the span of 3 years, plans changed. Following the first injury, after much devastation, I went to pt (not with Akil) and recovered, but never was 100%. Then I tore my ACL again abruptly because I came to find out that my hamstring was never recovered fully. I switched up both my doctor and rehab route. I chose Akil because I heard amazing things about his knowledge and expertise on ACL recovery. Little did I know that after rehabbing with him for a long 8-9 months, I was stronger than I ever used to be. I returned to play basketball and lacrosse at a high level with little to no issue. My legs to this day are stronger than ever before, and I would not be fully recovered if it wasn’t for his close attention to detail and push he gave me all throughout my recovery.

Abigail Romoni,

2 Sport High School Athlete

I have had the unique opportunity to not only be a patient of Dr. Akil Piggott, following a traumatic ACL rupture, but doing so as a doctor of physical therapy, myself. Akil not only utilizes the latest research in ACL care to guide his treatment, but does so in a way that is tailored to an individual’s goals, effectively mixing the science and art of physical therapy. His passion to elevate ACL care comes through in his latest project, the ACL Care Pro App. Unfortunately, the rate of ACL reinjury is staggeringly high. One part of this problem are the challenges in incorporating a return to sport phase, in which we develop the sport-specific strength, conditioning, coordination, and motor control of athletes to allow them to confidently return to sport. Many times this phase of rehab is either cut short because of lack of insurance coverage or simply a lack of resources. This is the bridge the Dr, Akil Piggott and his partner Dr. Travis Pollen are developing with their app. It is a resource that is desperately needed by many athletes, and I am impressed by what they have developed.

Dr. Zach Mayo, PT, DPT,

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Resident

My Daughter Katelyn tore her ACL 3 years ago. We did physical therapy elsewhere and her progress was not moving forward as planned. Kate started to think that she would never get back on the soccer field again. At the 6 month mark, we decided to look for a new therapist and I found Akil.  He tested Kate on the strength and mobility of her knee and it was not near where it should be with already 6 months of physical therapy. Akil pushed her hard and, within a month, we saw huge improvements. Kate was finally talking about getting on the field again and started working harder for that goal. The support and guidance he provided through every step of the process was amazing. Akil’s expertise on ACL recovery was exactly what we needed. We are so grateful for all of his time and effort. Akil got Kate back on the soccer field and 3 months later Kate went on to play in the National Soccer Championship in Boulder Colorado. Thank you again, Akil for all your hard work!!

Patty Jones,

Proud Mom

I am currently a Jr. at Camden Catholic High School. I participate in soccer, softball, and basketball as well as a year round club soccer team. Sports have always been a big part of my life and I strive for competition. Around the age of 13 I tore my left ACL playing soccer. When I was 15, I tore my right ACL playing basketball. I was heartbroken, sad, and discouraged that I would never play the way I used to. When I first started PT, months went by and I felt like I barely left the starting line. That’s when my parents moved me to a different facility where I met Akil. From the first day, I knew how hard I was going to be pushed. I felt my leg gaining back muscle and control, and at the same time I was getting mentally stronger. It felt like Akil was next to me with every bump in the road I had and I can never thank him or any of his team enough for all they had done for me. I completed their Return 2 Play program feeling better than before, ready to go back to competitive sports.

Gia Rebilas,

3 Sport High School Athlete

My name is Katelyn Jones and I played basketball and soccer a good majority of my life. Tearing my ACL was one of my worst nightmares as a highly competitive athlete. I knew it would be challenging and a long road to get back in action. I had a tough physical therapy road but after meeting Akil, things got back on track. After finishing therapy, I went through the Return 2 Play program that Akil designed. It was phenomenal. I struggled at first to get into the groove of trusting my body again but everyone was so supportive. After over a year of not running or cutting, I was finally able to adjust and get my steps back to what I used to be. Akil and his team did a great job of helping me out. I learned how to adjust the way I landed, tweak my form, and improve my mechanics all around. Afterwards, I was finally ready to get back onto the field. I could not have done it without their guidance and progressions. They were there when I needed them both physically and mentally. All and all, Akil and his team did wonders for me both as a person and as an athlete.

Katelyn Jones,

2 Sport High School Athlete